The whole nation is awakened, the treasure phantom is made!

The whole nation is awakened, the treasure phantom is made!


55 Chapters Ongoing Status


Lin Tian came to this world where all people can awaken their talents.

Only by awakening your talent can you stand on top of the world!

Lin Tian, who had awakened his talent for refining Noble Phantasms, originally thought that he could only provide support in the rear.

But he didn't expect that every time he refined a treasure, he would be able to increase his attributes!

[Treasure of the King] [Sword of Promise to Victory] [First Shot in Japanese Server] [Go-Jiang Moye]

Pieces of extremely powerful treasures appeared in front of the world.

"Fuck! Lin Tian killed a demigod with one shot!"

"Isn't this his auxiliary talent? You call this auxiliary!?"

"Lin Tiancai is the real weapons master, I am fake!"


"What's the point of relying on external things? If you have the ability, you don't need these things. Let's fight!"

In the void, a god-level monster looked at the corpses of its kind around it, feeling helpless and furious.

Hearing this, Lin Tian suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Looking at his panel attributes that were several times higher than those of the same level, his eyes couldn't stop being excited.

"It's a deal!"

"Don't regret it!"


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