The Quick Transmigrator of the Female Supporting Role Always Wants to Kill the Male Lead

The Quick Transmigrator of the Female Supporting Role Always Wants to Kill the Male Lead


413 Chapters Completed Status


System 003 of the quick transmigration system bureau accidentally bound with a lonely soul. It thought the soul was a poor little girl who knew nothing, but every time she slaps the face, it hurts more and more.

“Host, what did you do, why are they lying on the ground?”

“They want to touch the pitiful me! They want to blackmail me! They want my little money!”

System: It turns out that the host is a weak chicken. It has to protect the host well then.

“Host, the palace treasury is too big, we can’t carry it, let’s forget it.”

Who knew that when it turned around, everything was gone.

“Host, why is the treasury missing?”

Shang Ling acted cute and pointed to the golds, silvers and jewellery in the space pocket, “Look, they didn’t just go out by themselves.”

System: I believed you!

“Ah, that’s not right, host, since when did you have a space pocket?”

“Always have, you just never ask me.”

System: So the clown here is me.

“Host, when did you have a photographic memory.”

“I always have it, you don’t?”

System: I am not worthy.

“Host, the male lead is dead…”

“Host, are you okay with this?”

Shang Ling dug the hole vigorously and kicked the male lead into the coffin in the pit.

“Men will only affect my progress of getting rich.”

“The most important thing to avoid if I want to get rich is emotion! Emotion is the number one taboo that will affect me from getting rich. Without a man in my heart, getting rich is naturally the goal!”

The MC is an emotionless woman. She wholeheartedly makes money and works for her goal. She is the most active in fights, never loses in group fights, has a lot of unreasonable plans, will abuse and beats scumbags, and does not forget to take advantage of the situation to loot money from each plane.

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