The Little Devil of Mr. Wen is Bewitching the World

The Little Devil of Mr. Wen is Bewitching the World


373 Chapters Ongoing Status


an accident.

In the circumstances, Chuan Shu became a wealthy female supporting actress, and she was forced to die if she did not follow the plot.

She was reborn as a result of overdoing her job.

In my last life, I missed the person I really liked because of the forced plot.

Reliving the first life should completely release the self.

The plot asked her to love the male protagonist, but she rubbed against the mysterious boss.

It seems a little bit wrong to rub against it.

The boss took the initiative to send luxury houses and luxury cars. Even all the assets under her name are shared with her.

some day.

While still secretly making plans to pursue the boss, he found that the boss also seemed to be reborn.

She was so frightened that the seeds in her hands fell.

The arrogant little white rabbit was reborn to pursue the male god, but he did not know that the male god had already dug a hole and waited for her to jump down.

Wen Fucheng, the richest man in China, has a secret: he loves someone for two lifetimes.

【Wear Book】【Entertainment Circle】【Double Life】【1V1】【Sweet Pet】

[Arbitrary, unrestrained and happy, wearing a book girl VS rebirth, pet wife, belly, black and mysterious boss]

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