Super God: Magic Cat, Pampered by the Goddess

Super God: Magic Cat, Pampered by the Goddess


243 Chapters Ongoing Status


After waking up, Yimo traveled to the Super God Universe and signed in to the League of Legends inhuman template system.

The magic cat template for signing in at the beginning, as long as you keep signing in by the heroines' side, you can get various templates and rewards.

[The First Day of Fishing: Magic Cat Template, Death Cap of the Destroyer]

[Day X of Fishing: Angel of Justice Template, Staff of Time]

[Day N of Fishing: Casting Star Dragon King Template, Runeterra Fragments]

Qilin: "Mimi, let's sleep together tonight."

Angel Yan: "Mimi, the eternal love of the universe, are you together?"

Holy Kesha: "Eternal burning wings, I like this sentence very much."

Faced with the favor of the gods, Imoo turns into a cat to catch fish when he has nothing to do. When he is free, he turns into a mythical angel to enjoy the world. When there is something wrong, he turns into a dragon king to see who is not smart.


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