Pokémon Champion Ash Ketchum

Pokémon Champion Ash Ketchum


95 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Pokémon Champion Ash Ketchum

(ps: This book is based on the world view of the animation, and some settings have been changed. The age for new trainers to receive Pokémon is 18 years old or older. Please do not enter if the heroine mind) After Xiaozhi defeated Dandi and won the world championship What stands before you now is the top 16 of the Quartz League, the honorary trainer of the Orange League, the top 8 of the Johto League, the top 8 of the Fengyuan League, the Kanto region, the winner of the open zone, the Sinnoh League, the top 4 of the Zhonghe League, the top 8 of the Kalos League, the runner-up Alola. League Champion World Championship Champion Ash from Shinshin Town!In order to realize the dream of being a Pokémon master, Xiaozhi still set out to travel after becoming the champion. But one day after Xiaozhi had been traveling for ten years, an incredible thing happened. He actually traveled back in time and was about to become a new trainer to receive the Pokémon. The night before baby.Now that he is the world championship champion, he starts over as a new trainer from Zhenxin Town.


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