Pangu Zhengzong in the prehistoric world

Pangu Zhengzong in the prehistoric world


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People have essence and spirit, and Pangu also had essence and spirit.

Pangu Yuanshen transformed into the Three Pure Ones, creating the essence of heaven and earth; the essence and blood transformed into the twelve ancestral witches, which were powerful even though they were inherently deficient; but there was no trace of Pangu’s Qi, and only the awe-inspiring Qi in his chest turned into the Qingyun of the heavens.

A small path in the later generations of Taiyuan caused the true spirit to enter chaos due to an accident, and re-condensed the Pangu energy that should have dissipated.

From then on, there was an additional Pangu Zhengzong in the ancient world, a Pangu Zhengzong who was more authentic than the Three Qing Dynasties.

Became the ancestor of Qi training lineage in the world…


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