On the Wedding Night In the 80s, the Sweet Wife Has Space

On the Wedding Night In the 80s, the Sweet Wife Has Space


751 Chapters Ongoing Status


Yunmo transmigrated into a book, and became the vicious female supporting role of the same name in a period novel.

The original owner was a fake daughter who was wronged, arrogant and domineering, bad and violent, married to a poor man by the unbearable adoptive parents.

The rough man has a good face and a good body. After he became rich, he earned a lot of money every day, but the original owner disliked the rough man before he became rich. In the end, the husband and wife separated and died in poverty.

Yunmo, who holds the Lingquan space in her hand, said that she is not panic, even if it is a bad card, she can play Wang Zhan.

The reborn daughter, the real daughter, Yun Yao, who wanted to trample Yunmo under her feet, found that after marriage, Yunmo seemed to be on the hook.

While she was busy making money by taking advantage of her rebirth, Yunmo was drinking afternoon tea leisurely with the ladies and gentlemen.

When she was complacent about being admitted to a junior college, Yunmo got the admission letter from the first university, Beijing University.

When she was proud of marrying into a rich family and becoming a rich wife, Yun Mo turned around and befriended the richest man, and became the only heir of the richest man.

Reborn Girl·True Daughter·Yunyao: Who is the heroine? ? ?

[Squeamish Miss VS Indifferent Rough Guy]

Shuangjie 1V1, the sweet pet of the era

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