No holiday for New Year's Eve? I will live broadcast to go home early for the New Year

No holiday for New Year's Eve? I will live broadcast to go home early for the New Year


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No holiday for New Year's Eve? It’s so outrageous!

Zhao Pingfan decisively resigned and returned to the village half a month early to celebrate the New Year.

The traditional festival live broadcast system was accidentally awakened and started live broadcasting for the New Year.

On the first day, I took my dog to herd sheep in the mountains.

We encountered famous scenes such as the dog and rabbit chase, three generations of the human-headed wasp family living under one roof, the magnificent stone gorge, and the stunning sunset.

The next day, roast sweet potatoes and potatoes in the wild.

As a result, the naughty kid dug up someone else's ancestral grave and was possessed by a ghost at night.

On the third day, a Feng Shui master was hired to resolve the crisis for the naughty family.

On the fourth day, firecrackers blew up the dog basin.


On the eighth day, the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, we officially brought netizens to celebrate the new year in the cloud.

Sweeping dust, worshiping the Kitchen God, grinding tofu, going to the market, washing blessings, and making New Year's goods.

Visit the graves to worship ancestors, pay homage to family trees, kowtow to pay New Year greetings, watch self-edited Spring Festival Gala, give out lucky money, watch the New Year's Eve, and worship mountain gods.

Fun and fun childhood activities brought a wave of memories to the brothers.

The sense of ceremony full of traditional culture made the whole network realize what Chinese shock is.

This is simply my dream love year! ! !


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