Naruto: Invincible from the start

Naruto: Invincible from the start


285 Chapters Ongoing Status


In the world of Naruto, human life is like mustard.

Yagami Yue, a civilian ninja in Konoha, whose father was a rebellious ninja, was forced to embark on the Death Shura Field of the Third Ninja World War.

“Ding… you get the [Character Card System], which can perfectly load the abilities of the two-dimensional character into the host…”

From then on, Yagami Yue picked up the golden finger and began to conquer the ninja world.

Extract the Hidan template and instantly become immortal; extract Deidara and transform into an explosive maniac; extract Kaihuang, possess the most powerful physical skills and eight-door armor; extract Senju Hashirama, the perfect immortal human body + wood escape: extract the big paulownia wood Tosaru, the Super Reincarnation Eye.

And… Hawkeye’s supreme swordsmanship, Kaido’s abnormal body, Garp’s Iron Fist of Justice, Cannon Sister’s electromagnetic gun, Ichigo’s Zanpakutō…

When the Infinite Tsukiyomi Kaguya is resurrected.

Yagami Yue drew the character template of [Kaguya]…

True Kaguya: “…..


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