Naruto: I Can Only Draw S-rank Rewards

Naruto: I Can Only Draw S-rank Rewards


208 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling through the world of Naruto, he is just a four-year-old boy who has no talent, no family, no blood, and no tailed beast.

Unexpectedly, after completing the Jain test, the system suddenly awakened.

Since then, he has drawn the glittering fruit, the shaking fruit, the dragon-killing magic crystal of fire, the magic eye of death, Geass, the blood of the ancestor giant, the eye of reincarnation, the eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eye…

Also, Demon Sword Muramasa, Death Note, Longinus Spear, Godzilla, Zanpakutō*Kyoka Suizuki, Zanpakutō*River Blade, Natural Teeth…

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