My Stand-in is Steve

My Stand-in is Steve


717 Chapters Ongoing Status


“Son, do you know what this is?”

Thanos raised his golden gloves, and the six Infinity Stones shone with pleated radiance: “If I snap my fingers, you will turn into dust in the wind.”

“Dad doesn’t believe it.”

Fang Mo, who was wearing an endless suit, slowly shook his head, and pointed the Universal Sword in his hand at Thanos Nawa’s bright purple head: “Don’t talk about the Infinity Stones today, even the Heart of the Universe can’t save your dog’s life!”

“Do you know what this is? This is the begging jade!”

Madara Uchiha stood in mid-air and laughed wildly: “It is the strongest spear and the strongest shield, there is nothing it can’t destroy!”

“You really haven’t seen anything hard…” Fang Mo took out a piece of bedrock with a grinning smile: “Dare you dare to compare with it!?”

“Is this… the Sage’s Stone?”

Edward stared blankly at the red crystal in front of him: “Can it ignore the law of equivalent exchange?”

“Well, in a sense, it can only be regarded as the basis for an equivalent exchange.”

Fang Mo touched the portable conversion table in his hand: “But if you want, I can consider sending you a set.”

When the fourth natural disaster met the mysterious island module, the cube man finally began to bring disaster to the world.

(To reiterate, the stand-in is Steve, the protagonist of Minecraft, not Captain America, this is the MC text…

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