Class Reunion: Shut up, stop bragging

Class Reunion: Shut up, stop bragging


305 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Urban + Shenhao + Pretentious + Invincible Article]
Chu Yang, who never brags, attended a college reunion and was accidentally bound to the [Strongest Bragging Come True System]
As long as someone brags in front of him, the system can cash in the bragging goal to Chu Yang.
Wang Yu, a second-generation rich man: My dad just bought me a Koenigsegg One1. I happen to be in need of a full-time driver. The salary is good, so I might consider it!
System: It is detected that Wang Yu is bragging, and the host is given a special gift [a Koenigsegg One1 worth 120 million]
Monitor Zhou Jiang:…
Class flower:…………
Chu Yang: Shut up, everyone. If you don’t brag, you will die!

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