City: From Inheriting a Courtyard To a Giant

City: From Inheriting a Courtyard To a Giant


731 Chapters Ongoing Status


Pretending to be Jiang Lai’s boyfriend to meet her parents, but was given a house and a car by routine, and she wanted to do the fake show for real?

Never expected to encounter a gun battle, a close call, awakening the infinite inheritance system.

[A set of courtyard houses at the foot of the imperial city, is it inherited? 】

[LV5 pistol arc shooting, is it inherited? 】

[Bajiquan Grandmaster, do you want to inherit? 】

National martial arts and marksmanship, language and musical instruments, culinary and acting skills, high-rise buildings, island territories, everything can be inherited.

Slowly, Qin Yan discovered that he had actually traveled to a world where film, television and drama merged.

A Xiang, Carambola, Gao Wen, Andy, Shi Miao, each heroine appeared on the stage, starting a domineering life.

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