It was Wen Chuxia's turn to play, Yule clenched his fists to cheer him up: "Brother summer, come on!"

    Wen Chuxia took off her windbreaker, and inside was a smoky gray lace shirt, revealing her long neck. The slightly longer hair was tied at the back of the head, and the broken hair was fixed with hairspray, exposing the forehead.

    Wen Chuxia rubbed Yule's head.

    Someone is curious, "What is he going to perform?"

    No one knows what Wen Chuxia's show is about, not even the people in the practice room with him.

    Lin Huai came back from the stage and glanced at Wen Chuxia, "How was the practice in the dream?"

    Wen Chuxia held revenge, "Better than you."

    Huo Ziqiu was just told by the judges that she was in a bad mood at the moment, he looked at Wen Chuxia, "Then I'm looking forward to your performance."

    Wen Chuxia raised her hand and rubbed the back of her neck, "Just jump, don't be too serious."

    On the stage, a cheerful Latin dance song, the people on the stage are like a cheerful rabbit, every movement is so perfect that it is impossible to pick out a problem, what is more is his expression management, It's like a different person from when I danced "Long Farewell" that day.

    Lin Huai sighed.

    Is that what he meant by jumping?

    Wen Chuxia was really just jumping around, but he didn't deny that he took a chance.

    Before Yu Le said that Zheng Hongling won the national standard dance award. It is very important to find the right medicine. He knows what to show professionals to win the favor of each other.

    Wen Chuxia single-handedly overshadowed the previous performances. Zheng Hongling's love for this show was written on her face, "You are professional."

    Wen Chuxia was not modest, "Thank you, teacher."

    Zheng Hongling asked: "Have you studied Latin?"

    Wen Chuxia thought that there were a few Lin Huai and the others sitting in the background who might know better than him that he had never studied, and shook his head: "Never."

    Zheng Hongling was a little surprised, "You can dance so well without learning?"

    Wen Chuxia bit her head and said, "I practiced."

    Everyone in the background: "???"

    Didn't he say he had a fork for a day yesterday?

    Wen Chuxia found a convenience for himself, but he forgot that variety shows need effects.

    Isn’t it shady?

    No no no, our Boys Over Flowers is fair and just.

    Everyone thought that Wen Chuxia came to their show with a shady secret, but the show team came to fight back.

    Wen Chuxia's debut performance was only given an A by Zheng Hongling, and the other three teachers only gave him a B.

    If there is no such performance, Wen Chuxia may get a B to prove that there is no shady scene in this show, but now, this B has many voices.

    The program team wants this kind of questioning voice, the more questioning, the more upright their show will be.

    "Why B? You dance so well!"

    What about the inside story? How can the insider be engaged in low scores!

    Wen Chuxia didn't care, he comforted Yule in turn, "It's okay."

    In the end, Lin Huai got the A, Wen Chuxia, An Xu, and Yule got the B, and Huo Ziqiu and Zhou Qing only got the C.

    The people who came to participate in "Youth Over Flowers" are crazy, and the program team is even more crazy. They dared to broadcast after just two episodes.

    Two days later, the trailer for the first episode will air.


    【Wen Chuxia is really here! 】

    【It's really warm and early summer! 】

    【Is Yule sitting next to him? 】

    [I admire Yule's courage, and dare to strike up a conversation with summer. 】

    The editor dug up a lot of scenes of Wen Chuxia and Yule, when it was time to hand over the phone, Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai appeared in the same screen, and the barrage almost blocked the screen .

    【Lin Huai! ! Ahhh! Fairies in the same frame! 】

    [Fairy p! 】

    [Lin Huai was forced? 】

    [The whole season is forced! 】

    [Wen Chuxia's operation is still so sao! 】

    Some people call on the barrage, and some people bomb on Weibo.

    Maoyan Entertainment has received a lot of messages saying that they are not involved in personnel, saying that they know how to protect the calf, and they must let Wen Chuxia delay the season.

    The first feature film of the program, all members introduce themselves.

    Lin Huai's sentence "summer represents an individual" caused a heated discussion.

    This means that Lin Huai personally proved that Wen Chuxia really quit the group, right?


    Fans are celebrating!

    The main part of Wen Chuxia's dance "Long Farewell" was not cut in. At the end, a picture of Pei Cen was cut.

    Pei Cen: "Can I ask you to jump beep?"


    [? ? ? ? ? 】

    [? ? ? ? what the hell? 】

    [Beep what? ? ? 】

    【Damn, is this program group doing something? 】

    【Who is my male **** talking to? 】

    Then Pei Cen said again: "Can't you dance?"

    Then the show ends...  

    The barrage ended in a snarl.

    What can I do, I can only wait for the second issue.

    After the solo show, you will be divided into teams after the grades are finished.

     Thirty people in Group A.

     Thirty-five people in Group B.

     Thirty-five people in Group C.

    Everyone in the group also gave high and low scores. Although Wen Chuxia was in group B, his score was indeed the highest in group B. The six people with the highest scores came out to choose songs.

    Wen Chuxia was stunned.

    Songs that everyone else is familiar with, he has never heard of them.

    How to choose this?

    Yu Le shouted ""Wolf", "Wolf", "Wolf"!"

    Someone is also shouting: "Don't choose, don't choose!"

    Yu Le wanted to be with Wen Chuxia, so let him choose Wolf, and those who shouted "don't choose" wanted to choose the song "Wolf", but didn't want to be with Wen Chuxia.

    Wen Chuxia chose "Wolf" after listening to Yule.

    Wen Chuxia was also very embarrassed when choosing a person. Those with strong ability might not want to choose him, and those with poor ability did not want to.

    Wen Chuxia said, "Whoever wants to come raise his hand."

    Yu Le raised her hand first, "Me me me!"

    The embarrassment is here, no one raises his hand except Yule.

    Wen Chuxia smiled silently and asked Chi Bin, "Can I just choose one person?"

    Chi Bin smiled, "You are the winner this round, you can choose anyone you want, but there must be five people in each group."

    Wen Chuxia pinched her earlobe, a little embarrassed, "Yu Le, choose one."

    Yu Le grabbed the hand of the person next to him and raised it up, "Raise your hand quickly, didn't you say you want to choose this song?"

    There are many people who want to choose this song, but when they see Wen Chuxia choose it, who dares to choose?

    If he starts to mess up again, won't they survive the first round?

    Yu Le has been encouraging Tang Keyao, Tang Keyao hesitated for a while, then raised his hand, "Me."

    Wen Chuxia directly called, "Yu Le, Tang Keyao."

    Tang Keyao was surprised, he didn't speak to Wen Chuxia, he actually knew his name.

    The personal introduction and the debut of Wen Chuxia are not for nothing, he knows who has good ability and who has poor ability.

    Two are chosen, and there are two more.

    Chi Bin asked: "Do you have someone you want to choose?"

    Wen Chuxia said: "If there is, I am afraid that they will not see my team."

    Chi Bin smiled, "Tell me."

    Wen Chuxia glanced at the crowd, "Jiang Wuya, Chang Jing."

    The leader of the second group raised his hand, "I also want a permanent scene."

    Wen Chuxia shrugged, "Let's see which group he wants to go to."

    Chang Jing finally chose the second group, Jiang Wuya didn't hesitate, and went directly to Wen Chuxia's group.

    But there is still one less person in their group.

    Wen Chuxia was too lazy to choose: "Let them choose first, and give me the rest in the end."

    Six groups, five people in each group, the selection of the other five groups is over, and there is one person left on the stage.

    This person was not what Wen Chuxia wanted to choose at the beginning, but Wen Chuxia was very impressed with him, because he looked very sad and had long hair, but not like Wen Chuxia's long back , but the kind with a long front and blocked eyes. In the solo show just now, he performed a bass solo. He played the piano well and sang, even if Wen Chuxia was a layman, he couldn't tell whether it was good or bad.

    This person is Fang Sa.

    The song Lin Huai chose in Group A was also "Wolf".

    Wen Chuxia:…


    Back to the bedroom at night, Wen Chuxia called Yule, "Xiaole, can you lend me your cell phone?"

    Yu Le jumped up from the bed and handed him the phone, "Do you want to read Weibo?"

    Wen Chuxia sat on the top bunk bed, "No, I want to listen to that song, I haven't heard it before."

    Yu Le was taken aback for a moment, "Have you never heard of it?"

    Wen Chuxia turned on the music player, "Yeah."

    Yu Le felt that her whole person was not good, "You dare to choose if you haven't heard of it?"

    Wen Chuxia smiled, "Didn't you let me choose?"

    Lin Huai stood by the bed and looked at Wen Chuxia, "When did you learn Latin?"

    Wen Chuxia put on an earphone, "in a dream."

    Lin Huai: "..."

    Wen Chuxia gave him a condescending look, "Do you admire it?"

    Lin Huai pressed his tongue against his cheeks, "I admire."

    Wen Chuxia smiled contentedly.

    Lin Huai said: "Looking forward to your next performance."

    "You'd better not expect it," Wen Chuxia said, "you know the reason."

    Lin Huai knew because Melatonin.

    Yang Yi's idea is a good idea, but the after-sales service is not very good.

    Lin Huai asked: "How can you be serious?"

    Wen Chuxia thought about it and said, "You go to the Second Hospital to register and I will tell you."

    Lin Huai: "..."

    Wen Chuxia's earphones played a whole night of songs, and the next day Yule's phone was out of power.

    In the practice room, a group of five people sat around.

    Jiang Wuya formed a men's team before, and is the dance leader in the team. Although it is a team that can only be disbanded in the end, if you look at the people in their group, he is probably the only one who can dominate the overall situation.

    Jiang Wuya said, "Let's choose the captain first."

    Yu Le thought that it was not the material, so she shook her head and quit.

    Fang Sa was still dejected, sitting on the ground silently.

    Tang Keyao has no opinion, anyone can be the captain.

    All three have no opinion, only one Wen Chuxia remains.

    Wen Chuxia shook her head, "Don't look at me." I'm here for salted fish.

    Jiang Wuya was very satisfied with the result, "If this is the case, then I will come."

    Wen Chuxia nodded, come, come.

    The morning passed, Jiang Wuya, the captain, was arguing.

    The program team gave the original dance of the song "Wolf" for them to arrange by themselves. The time is one week, but looking at the current method, let alone a week, it will not be able to play for half a month tower.

    Wen Chuxia's brain hurts.

    That's it? Are you kidding?

    No one said that Jiang Wuya choreographed the dance, everyone pointed and pointed, Jiang Wuya was a little impatient, "You can do it, you go?"

    Wen Chuxia shook his head helplessly. He bit off the pen cap and wrote and drew on the score in his hand. After half an hour, he slid the written paper against the ground and slipped it among the other people. .

    Tang Keyao picked it up and took a look at it, and the first reaction was, I fuck, so professional!

    Tang Keyao looked at Wen Chuxia, "You changed this?"

    Wen Chuxia held her chin lazily, "Yeah."

    Change the song, add drums, segment, all the things that the captain should have done but never did were done by Wen Chuxia.

    Jiang Wuya glanced at Wen Chuxia, how could he do this?

    Yu Le seemed to have found a savior, and asked Wen Chuxia: "What about Wu? Jiang Wuya's trick is like a beast coming out of the cage, it's too strange."

    Wen Chuxia wanted to say "let's do it", but when he heard Yule's description, he couldn't help laughing, "It's a bit like that."

    Jiang Wuya: "..."

    Wen Chuxia looked at Jiang Wuya, "Well, why don't you change it?"

    It doesn't matter if others mock him, why is he Wen Chuxia? Just by his funny videos online?

    If he hadn't wanted to find a weaker team to show his abilities, he wouldn't have teamed up with Wen Chuxia, who could only go through the back door.

    Jiang Wuya said: "You can do it!"

    Wen Chuxia still tried to be aggressive, he moved forward, pointed to the written paragraph and said, "Choose the C position first, dance the pole, and then choreograph the dance."

    Yu Le slipped beside him, "Who choreographed?"

    Wen Chuxia glanced at Yule, "I'll come."

    Yu Le didn't know where his confidence in him came from, and immediately raised his hands to agree, "I agree!"

    Jiang Wuya snorted.

    I say don't beg me!

    Tang Keyao looked at Wen Chuxia's revised score and asked Wen Chuxia, "Do you want to add bass in the middle?"

    Fang Sa glanced at the paper in Tang Keyao's hand after hearing this.

    Jiang Wuya felt that he was fooling around, "Don't you feel a little grandstanding when a bass suddenly appeared? Just to add drama to him?"

    Wen Chuxia corrected him: "Not one, but two."

    The essence of this kind of program is to be grandstanding, to use and show the advantages of others.

    Wen Chuxia glanced at Jiang Wuya, he danced well, although he didn't know how to choreograph, he probably wouldn't understand this.

    Wen Chuxia asked Yule in a low voice, "Was Jiang Wuya famous before?"

    Yu Le said: "What's the big deal? It's been a mess for three years, and it was dissolved this year."

    Wen Chuxia: "..." It's a pity.

    Yu Le asked Wen Chuxia, "Brother summer, who do you think there is another one, I can't play bass!"

    Tang Keyao shook his head, "Neither would I."

    Jiang Wuya has a "don't expect me to know" expression.

    "I will." Wen Chuxia said.

    Fang Sa looked at Wen Chuxia unexpectedly.

    Wen Chuxia asked him: "Is there a problem?"

    Fang Sa: "I can't dance."

    Wen Chuxia smiled, "It's okay, I will."

    Jiang Wuya: "..."

    Can endure you, you can do anything!

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