Zhou Qing knelt down and begged him not to disband the season,  At that time, Lin Huai thought it was strange, but he didn't expect Zhou Qing to even lose his own face to do such a thing.

    Lin Huai told Wen Chuxia the whole story unhurriedly: "When you left the season, Zhou Qing knew that the season would not last long, but he also knew that  as long as I didn't The season will not be disbanded. The ranking of this game is probably the source of his sense of crisis.  In addition, the company has not yet clarified that I appeared in your house when you were broadcasting live,  Since the company You want to fry our two CPs, and you let the netizens accept your insider calmly,  one place is an insider,  two places are also an insider, besides you and I have this strength, you say he is Not in a hurry?"

    The first few sentences sound all right, the last sentence...

    Wen Chuxia: "Wow,  You are so narcissistic."

    Lin Huai smiled,  "I call it respect for facts, don't you think you can't?"

    Wen Chuxia replied quickly: "You can't do it!"

    Lin Huai raised his eyebrows: "What I said is not good ability,  What are you talking about?"

    Wen Chuxia raised it: "I'm talking about two aspects! I can do anything!"

    Lin Huai laughed angrily, "Wen Chuxia, how dare you say such things in front of me? I really can't see your attitude towards me at all."

    Wen Chuxia asked: "Can't see what?"

    I can't tell you're chasing me.

    Lin Huai shook his head,   "Nothing, in fact, you can see it if you look closely, just like now."


     No pain, no itching, if the company intervenes, will he still have a good life?"

    "Although what you said is true, why is it so ugly to say it out of your mouth?" Wen Chuxia said: "The company related to you will not intervene?"

    Lin Huai said: "Yes, but it won't be as pleasant as dealing with yours, otherwise the photo should have been removed long ago."

    Wen Chuxia couldn't say anything about this. The photo is still there, and Yang Yi didn't call. If it was him, Yang Yi would have rushed over.

    Wen Chuxia glanced at Lin Huai, "The company is so biased, don't you want to break the contract?"

    "Don't waste your time, unless the contract expires, I won't leave Maoyan." Lin Huai added, "You don't count."

    Wen Chuxia was tired from standing and wanted to sit for a while, but there was nowhere to do it. The bedroom was not like a practice room where you could sit anywhere.

    Lin Huai looked at him unsteady, moved him a bit, "Come and sit."

    This is the first time Wen Chuxia feels his kindness.

    Wen Chuxia sat down and said, "No one dares to sit on your bed in the bedroom. I thought you had a cleanliness addiction."

    Lin Huai: "I don't have a habit of cleanliness. It's true that I don't like others to sit."

    Wen Chuxia looked at him: "Then you let me do it?"

    Lin Huai glared at him.

    No matter how ignorant this person is, he always asks some unanswerable questions.

    Lin Huai: "Then don't sit."

    Wen Chuxia insisted, "Forget it, it's not convenient for me to sit on it and talk to you."

    Lin Huai Xin said fart is inconvenient, you just want to be next to me.

    Wen Chuxia continued to ask, "Do you know who took the photo?"

    Lin Huai: "Huo Ziqiu."

    Wen Chuxia was taken aback, "How come you know everything?"

    Lin Huai glanced at him, "Looking at your reaction, you seem to know everything."

    On the way back to the dormitory, he met Zhou Qing and Huo Ziqiu, and he guessed that Wen Chuxia was surprised that the two of them would get together, "What should I do now?"

    Lin Huai lay on the bed indifferently, "What can I do, the big deal is to retire."

    Wen Chuxia: "Retire?!"

    Lin Huai looked at his reaction, "I don't want me to retire so much? Didn't you want to practice before?"

    Wen Chuxia said: "You misunderstood, I just envy you for being able to retire."

    Lin Huai: "..."

    Aren't you afraid of dying alone?

    Yang Yi came over the next day to bring Lin Huai and Zhou Qing Huo Ziqiu back to the company, Wen Chuxia asked, "Will they become CPs when they come back?"

    Lin Huai said, "If you're so worried, just follow along."

    Wen Chuxia shook her head: "Not suitable, I'm not a member of your group."

    If you don't want to go, everyone has already followed to the gate.

    Lin Huai opened the car door and dragged him into the car, "You, a former team member, can also participate."

    Wen Chuxia was just about to say no, but Lin Huai whispered in his ear: "Two to one, I'm at a loss, two to two is fair."

    Wen Chuxia glanced at him, "Aren't you afraid of one-on-three?"

    Lin Huai smiled, "You won't."

    Wen Chuxia really doesn't. He made a lot of suggestions along the way, meaning to take the initiative to cover this matter, so that netizens think this matter is his prank, and then he quit the show with infamy.

    Yang Yi wanted to kick him out of the car, "Shut up!"

    Wen Chuxia muttered unwillingly, "What a great idea."

    Lin Huai said calmly: "It's better for others to retire than you, because you won't get to the end anyway."

    "Shut up too!" Yang Yi said to Lin Huai, "Now it is said on the Internet that you forced Zhou Qing to kneel, and you still want to give them a stone hammer, right?"

    Lin Huai glanced at Yang Yi, "Why don't I retire? By the way, quit the season?"

    Wen Chuxia: "I will also withdraw."

    Lin Huai smiled and said, "Okay, how about we both quit, and then form a new combination for us?"

    Wen Chuxia: "..."

    Yang Yi was going to be mad at them, "Can you two stop?"

    Arrived at the company and had a routine meeting.

    Wen Chuxia watched the fun as an outsider.

    The company executive asked Lin Huai what was going on. Lin Huai threw the matter to Zhou Qing, "You ask him."

    Zhou Qing didn't speak all the way over, and did enough to be bullied.

    "It seems that someone wants to play to the end." Lin Huai glanced at Huo Ziqiu, "Would you like to talk about it?"

    Huo Ziqiu spread his hands like a hob, "What's up with me?"

    Lin Huai: "Isn't it none of your business? You didn't take the photo? Did you post the Weibo?"

    Huo Ziqiu refused to admit it, "Do you have any evidence?"

    Lin Huai said: "There is no evidence, otherwise I would have refuted it long ago."

    Huo Ziqiu smiled, "If you don't have any evidence, you are still crawling around and biting. Don't involve me in the matter of the two of you. I have nothing to do with this matter."

    The company executive said: "This matter is indeed the matter of the two of you, and only the two of you know the truth. If you don't give an explanation today, the two of you will Just quit the show."

    Zhou Qing remained silent.

    Lin Huai said: "Yes, but I still want to quit the season."

    Zhou Qing raised her head and glanced at Lin Huai.

    Yang Yi frowned: "Lin Huai, if you have something to say, you are not alone in deciding to leave the group."

    Lin Huai asked Yang Yi, "He all knelt down for me, and now the whole Internet says I was bullying, this is not enough to disband the season? What about quitting the show, you still expect the three of us Can I attend other shows in season?"

    Wen Chuxia looked on from the sidelines, always feeling that Lin Huai was confident, although he did not know where Lin Huai's confidence came from.

    Look at Zhou Qing again, his acting is really good, he should show Pei Cen, maybe he will be interested.

    Lin Huai asked Zhou Qing, "You still don't explain what happened?"

    Zhou Qing lowered her head, "I have nothing to say."

    "Okay." Lin Huai nodded, "Then I'll explain."

    Zhou Qing looked at Lin Huai: "How do you explain it?"

    Lin Huai sneered, "It's none of your business, I'll give you a chance, you don't want it."

    Wen Chuxia whispered to Lin Huai: "What are you doing?"

    Lin Huai smiled, "You'll know in a while."

    Watching Lin Huai pick up the phone, Yang Yi asked nervously, "Lin Huai, what do you want to do?"

    Lin Huai said while typing, "Clarify."

    Lin Huai typed on Weibo and pressed send, Wen Chuxia watched the whole process, he glanced at Lin Huai, "Is that so?"

    Lin Huai said: "Enough is enough."

    Yang Yi hurried to see Weibo.

    Lin Huai's explanation is only three words.

    [email protected]Lin Huai: I do not have.

    Yang Yi heaved a sigh of relief and glanced at Zhou Qing.

    Although there is no process in Lin Huai's three words, his denial is enough. The season has been established for more than a year, and Lin Huai's character is enough to reassure fans. His sentence "I Nothing" trumps any photos and explanations.

    Lin Huai stood up, "Since we don't have to go back to the base, we can have our own activities today, right?"

    I don't know who I'm asking, and the company executives are a little confused by him.

    Lin Huai said: "Don't worry, this matter will pass by tonight at the latest."

    Wen Chuxia was curious, "Why?"

    Lin Huai looked at him: "Because the new episode will be broadcast tonight."

    Wen Chuxia: "..." So it was.

    There is nothing that a meal of "sugar" can't solve.

    Lin Huai tapped Wen Chuxia on the back of the head, "Go, please eat Ma Xiao."

    When it came to eating Wen Chuxia, he lost his strength, he followed Lin Huai and stood up, "Let's eat braised pork, the one that Qi Jing often buys."

    Watching Lin Huai lead Wen Chuxia out the door, several high-level executives were stunned and asked Yang Yi, "What's the matter with them?"

    Seeing that the relationship between Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai has improved, Yang Yi can be considered to be able to pick out one of the bad things, she said: "What can be, the relationship is good chant."

    Company executive: "..."

    What a joke.

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