"Brother Lin Huai?"

    An Xu came back from the practice room and saw Lin Huai standing at the door of his bedroom. Thinking of what Wen Chuxia said during the day, An Xu suddenly became a little nervous.

    Lin Huai twirled an unlit cigarette in his hand and glanced at An Xu, "Come out for a walk with me."

    When Lin Huai was in a bad mood at school, he would always ask him to go out with him, but since he entered this circle, he has not asked him to go with him for a long time.

    An Xu followed, "Brother Lin Huai, are you all right?"

    Lin Huai: "Go out and talk."


    An Xu felt uneasy in her heart: "Brother Lin Huai, what's the matter with you?"

    Lin Huai glanced at him, "Wen Chuxia..."

    An Xu's heart skipped a beat, "Xia Xia, what happened to Xia Xia?"

    Lin Huai took a breath, "Wen Chuxia came to me yesterday."

    Anxu: "..."

    He didn't tell him that he asked for him?

    An Xu's heart was beating.

    "He actually asked me if I like men!" Lin Huai frowned and looked at An Xu, "Do you think he has any thoughts on me?"

    Anxu felt a numbness in his heart: "..."

    An Xu shook his head, "Brother Lin Huai, you think too much, Xia Xia is not..."

    Lin Huai said: "Otherwise, why did he ask me this question so well? I said I didn't like it, and he said that he didn't ask! How can I think he didn't ask? "

    An Xu has never been so speechless in her life, "No, brother, you misunderstood..."

    Lin Huai said: "I can't possibly misunderstand, you don't understand, he is crazy and can do anything! You can imagine when he first came here in the middle of the night Going out to eat crayfish? He also practiced Tai Chi every day, and even used a rubber band to smash the camera of the show team!"

    Anxu: "......"

    When is this happening?

    No, it's not important, the important thing is that both of you are insane, so I'm the only one normal?

    The more Lin Huai said, the more he felt that his guess was right, "I just said how strange he was during this time, always doing things that he would never do before, and pretending to ignore me, It turned out to be hard-to-find."

    An Xu was miserable: "Brother Lin Huai, you have to think about the good side, maybe he really doesn't want to pay attention to you?"

    Lin Huai glanced at him, "Is this a good aspect?"

    Anxu was about to cry: "...Isn't it counted?"

    Lin Huai nodded, "Okay, just take it as you said, then today, he just came out of the shower and deliberately stood in front of me wearing shorts, by the way, he still put Hair cut!"

    An Xu said: "It's normal to wear shorts on such a hot day, don't you know why he cut his hair?"

    Lin Huai vowed: "Yes, to get my attention!"

    An Xu: "..." Fart, because you owe people's hair!

    Lin Huai said more and more, "I suspect that he suddenly has such a good relationship with you, maybe it is also for me."

    Anxu has nothing to say.

    He asked Wen Chuxia to help him, but it turned out to be like this. How could he explain to Xia Xia that Lin Huai suspected that he was gay?

    An Xu pulled Lin Huai, for fear that he would impulsively die, "Brother Lin Huai, don't say that in front of him." You will be beaten!

    Lin Huai glanced at him, "I'm not stupid, doesn't it mean that I know what he's thinking in front of him? I didn't plan to respond to him, let him be unrequited love. Bar!"

    Anxu: "..."

    When An Xu heard this, he didn't know whether he should be happy or sad. Fortunately, he didn't confess, otherwise he would be too miserable!

    The new episode aired.

    When An Xu was dominated by Lin Huai to Wen Chuxia's group, the expressions of mutual sympathy between the two were made into emoticons.

    【The eldest wife and the little wife live happily ever after! 】

    [wc, Lin Huai, are you poisonous? 】

    [The captain thus contributed to a good story in the world. 】

    【Hahaha Wen Chuxia and An Xu looked at each other affectionately! 】


    [No no no, sympathy for each other! 】

    [00 encounters must have 1, I stand warm in early summer! ! 】

    Yu Le did not make the top ten, and the overall score ranked eleventh.

    Wen Chuxia patted his head, "Next time I will send you to the top ten."

     ! 】


    [Put up the banner of "Summer Fish"! 】

    【What about Anxu? 】

    [Look at Fang Sa's envious eyes! 】

    【Look at Lin Huai's jealous eyes! 】

    Every time the show is broadcast, Wen Chuxia will be on the hot search.

    This time the hot search title is #basejiangtaigong, no need to tick fishing#

    Unfortunately, Mrs. Jiang did not know that he had fished at the base.

    The footage of Jiang Wuya in this episode is poor, and the program team lost several editors to cut this episode.

    Jiang Wuya's fans frantically brushed the bullet screen in the show, saying that the show team was shady and that the show team deliberately targeted Jiang Wuya.

    At this moment, Jiang Wuya updated an apology statement on Weibo.

    [email protected]Jiang Wuya : I'm sorry to disappoint everyone. It was my decision to leave "Boys Over Flowers" and it has nothing to do with others. I'm here to say sorry to the show crew and the members of "Boys Over Flowers", because of my personal problems to others. Caused trouble, and hopefully my departure will make up for it. Good luck to the rest of the brothers, come on!

    Apologized, and said personal problems, but didn't say what I did.

    Jiang Wuya's fans did not respond no matter how much they asked him on Weibo.

    Suddenly a trumpet voiced: [Stolen dance. 】

    In less than two minutes, the trumpet who pursued justice was scolded back into her mother's womb.

    -Where did you come from?

    In the song grabbing session, the seven-member team led by Wen Chuxia sat in a row on the back steps.

    [Sit in rows and eat fruit. 】


    [Follow Wen Chuxia to eat meat, and follow summer to have shots! 】

    [Wen Chuxia's smile when she fell on Yule made me laugh! 】

    [I slapped myself twice when I came up, reminding myself that I am a black fan of Wen Chuxia! 】

    Other people's practice rooms are dance, dance, dance.

    Wen Chuxia's practice room is a shot of sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping in various styles.

    In the practice room, An Xu woke up in early summer with fried chicken.

    Wen Chuxia, who woke up, looked at the fried chicken and said, "Did Lin Huai buy it?"

    Wen Chuxia: "I love buying fried chicken so much, don't be a-beep in my last life!"

    [I learned lip language. 】

    [I haven't learned lip language, but I may be a genius! 】

    【Hahaha, stop broadcasting this part! 】


    [This beep is very spiritual. 】


    Yu Le and Wen Chuxia were watching the show in the dormitory, and Lin Huai just happened to see this part.

    He didn't see it clearly at first, Yu Le accidentally touched the screen and stepped back for a few seconds, now Lin Huai sees it clearly...and that kind of lip language Level 10 Qing!

    Wen Chuxia looked back and saw Lin Huai standing behind him, moved his seat, "Want to watch it together?"

    Lin Huai glanced at him.

    The fox's tail is finally exposed, and he wants me to sit next to him!

    Lin Huai: "Stop dreaming!"

    Wen Chuxia: "???"

    Yu Le has always been mysterious these two days, always hiding under the quilt and pressing the phone.

    Wen Chuxia called him, Yule stuck his head out, "What's wrong?"

    Wen Chuxia stared at Lin Huai with sharp eyes: "Check it out for me, can intermittent neuropathy be cured?"

    Yu Le didn't check, and whispered, "I'm afraid it won't be cured."

    Wen Chuxia nodded, "I think so too."

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